New Northbridge Police Department Graduates

On January 21, 2011, Student Officers Brian Collins and Jarrod Woeller of the Northbridge Police Department graduated from the 3rd Municipal Police Training Academy held at the MA State Police Academy in New Braintree.
Officers Collins and Woeller attended the 21 week recruit training academy covering a variety of police topics including domestic violence, applied patrol procedures, criminal and constitutional law, firearms, motor vehicle law, report writing, CPR & first aid and physical fitness. After completing a period of training at the police department, Off.
Collins will be assigned to the 12-8 AM shift and Off. Jarrod Woeller will be assigned to the 4-12 shift.
Pictured from left to right: Det./Sgt. John Ouillette, Off. Jarrod Woeller, Chief of Police Walter Warchol, Off. Brian Collins, Lt. Timothy Labrie


Northbridge Police Bike Patrol Program - 2011

After several years of budget and manpower reductions, the Northbridge Police Department has redeployed a 5 man bicycle patrol unit.  The five police officers that make up the bicycle patrol unit are Detective/Sergeant John Ouillette, Officers Tom Dejordy, Jeff White, Brian Collins and Jarrod Woeller.  The unit will be supervised by Detective/Sergeant John Ouillette.  The officers will be assigned to patrol various areas of the community.  Chief Warchol feels bicycle officers create a highly visible presence in a wide variety of locations such as our high density neighborhoods, senior housing developments, schools and various special community events.  Chief Warchol also feels that police officers on bicycle patrol have a better ability to interact with the residents of our community on a more personal level than an officer in a cruiser.  The bicycle patrols will have more personal contact with young people that should also promote a more positive image of the police.

Photo left to right:  Det./Sgt. Ouillette, Officers Jarrod Woeller, Jeff White, Tom Dejordy;
missing from photo Off. Brian Collins



Under the new law which took effect in October 2010, any driver caught composing or reading a text message can be cited and fined $100. Law enforcement will have the authority to stop any driver suspected of texting. However, the offense will not be considered a moving violation and will not be subject to an insurance surcharge.

Drivers under 18 cited for using any type of cell phone or mobile electronic device with or without a hands-free feature will be subject to a $100 fine and a 60-day suspension of their driver's license. Offenders will also have to complete a driver attitudinal course before their license is reinstated.

Additionally, under the new law, any driver who accrues three or more surchargeable incidents within a two year period will be required to take a driver retraining and safety course or face the suspension of their license.

Read the law here



Caution - Taking Cell Phone Pictures 
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