Northbridge Police Bike Patrol Program

Photo left to right:  Det./Sgt. Ouillette, Officers Jarrod Woeller, Jeff White, Tom Dejordy;
missing from photo Off. Brian Collins

After several years of budget and manpower reductions, the Northbridge Police Department has redeployed a 5 man bicycle patrol unit.  The five police officers that make up the bicycle patrol unit are Detective/Sergeant John Ouillette, Officers Tom Dejordy, Jeff White, Brian Collins and Jarrod Woeller.  The unit will be supervised by Detective/Sergeant John Ouillette.  The officers will be assigned to patrol various areas of the community.  Chief Warchol feels bicycle officers create a highly visible presence in a wide variety of locations such as our high density neighborhoods, senior housing developments, schools and various special community events.  Chief Warchol also feels that police officers on bicycle patrol have a better ability to interact with the residents of our community on a more personal level than an officer in a cruiser.  The bicycle patrols will have more personal contact with young people that should also promote a more positive image of the police.