Northbridge MA Police Department

Scam Alert

We have received numerous calls in the past couple days regarding different scams.

1. Someone from Apply Pay claims a security breach. They will tell you to go to the store and buy money paks and then you read off the security codes.– DO NOT send them money!

2. Grandparents scam. Elderly person gets a call from someone with a bad connection saying they were involved in an accident and was arrested. They need bail money.

3. Microsoft calling saying there is a virus and requests you log into their website, put in your username and password. They then have full access to your computer.
(One of our officers just received this call today on his cell)

4. The popular IRS calling and you will be arrested if you don’t go right out and buy an Itunes gift card or money pak.

If you receive one of these calls PLEASE do not send any money. Call your local police department or a family member first.